Product Description


Fineness: .9999 Denomination: $2 NZD
Gross Weight: 31.1035 g Diameter: 39 mm
Bullion Weight: 1 tr oz Thickness: 2.8 mm

Product Description

Produced by Sunshine Mint, in conjunction with the South Pacific Island of Niue, has created this stunning .9999 silver coin as a tribute to the Lion of Judah. The obverse features a fierce and powerful roaring Lion. Inscribed along the Lions mane is the phrase “No One Comes To The Father Except Through Me”. The Hebrew characters תא Aleph and Tav (Alpha and Omega), which are shown underneath the Lions foot which also reveals its Identity as the Lion of Judah: The strength of the Leader is the Sign of the Covenant. The coin’s weight and purity also appear on the obverse of the coin. The reverse of the coin features the Ian Rank-Broadley’s rendering of Elizabeth II, over a micro-engraved starburst design. The coin’s denominational value of $2 NZD, the names ‘Niue’ and ‘Elizabeth II’, appear on the coin as well.

This is the second release of The Roaring Lion Silver Coin, and like the first release, has a limited mintage of only 50,000 coins. Sold individually or in plastic tubes of 20.

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