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Since 1987, Canadian Coin & Currency has strived to provide the highest level of professionalism and service for both our collector and investment customers. Canadian PMX has grown from those beginnings to fill the unique needs of Canadian precious metals investors, and we will continue to maintain the same level of customer service. Here’s what some of our clients have told us about their experiences.

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I have found the staff to be customer oriented, knowledgeable, well trained, efficient and courteous. This store offers a very impressive wide selection of quality and price competitive products and services in a high tech safe and secure place. The staff and atmosphere at this very professional enterprise create a comfortable setting that encourages one to keep coming back, again and again. The minds behind this business have elevated the Mom and Pop coin shop to a very professional business that must be the envy of anybody trying to compete with their high standards and excellence.

I have been dealing with Steve Bromberg’s store in Richmond Hill for many years now and this year he has moved just a few blocks further north from Major Mackenzie on Yonge Street. The inventory is very impressive and inimitable as is the unique method of presentation. The range of items (coins, paper money and precious metals) is beyond comparison to other similar stores in Toronto.

I have tried at least four other dealers in Toronto who buy precious metals and deal with coins and paper money but each has failed to attain the level of service that Canadian Coin and Currency has reached on many counts. For example, nobody can match he high degree of safety and security that Steve Bromberg brings with his legal training and many years of collecting experience.

He has assembled a complete cast of experts and friendly staff. …The expertise and fair value both in buying and selling make Canadian Coin and Currency the best dealer in the GTA and all of Ontario. I recommend them very highly to do honest and fair business with.

About a year ago, after studying wealth cycles and feeling frustrated with the global economic landscape, I decided I had to take matters into my own hands. I started investing in precious metals in anticipation of what I believe will be one of the greatest wealth transfers since the Great Depression. For several months, I began a process of steady accumulation from various sources such as banks, collectable coin shops, and jewellery stores. A friend who also wanted to start preserving wealth asked me if I had ever heard of Canadian Coin & Currency, and sent me the website to check out. My first reaction was “this place is too far of a drive, and how different could their rates possibly be?” Luckily, I still gave them a call, and I was pleasantly surprised! The mark-up fee over the current spot price on both minted and non-minted bullion coins and bars are hands-down the lowest out of anywhere I had ever previously shopped. No games, no last-minute hidden fees. Everything is consistent with the current spot price. When I arrived at the shop, I was blown away by the great international selection. It is a pleasure to deal with the friendly, knowledgeable, professional staff…. If you are serious about gold and silver, you need to check this place out!

My background is a Civil Engineer. I have worked as a Chief Engineer and consultant for a luxury Hotel and condominiums in Toronto for over 10 years now. Over years of personally providing services to different types of clientele, I have become an expert of what it means to provide “great customer service.

Several years ago, I decided to add precision metals to my investment portfolio in a form of physical silver and gold bullion. For some time I used to deal with small-scale private dealers and Scotia Bank. This all changed, when one day I discovered Canadian Coin & Currency. During my first visit to the store almost two years ago, I was very impressed by the very personal, honest, professional level of customer service.

I am a customer, who frequents Canadian Coin & Currency regularly. During my visits, I have dealt with many different Staff…. I am very pleased to say that my first impression of excellent customer service has NOT changed. Customer service that can make that type of impression on an individual (and inevitably, their social and professional networks) is what makes certain companies exceptional.

Repeatedly, I am trying to say that, customer service is no longer about telling people how great you are. It is about producing amazing moments in time, and letting those moments become the focal point of how amazing you are, told not by you, but by the customer who you thrilled. They tell their friends, and the trust level goes up at a factor of a thousand. Thank you, Canadian Coin & Currency Staff, for your business and exceptional customer service.

I wish to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the highest possible quality of customer care and professionalism exemplified by all representatives of Canadian Coin & Currency.

With each visit to the store, I feel confident that utmost care and attention is given to each client with each and every order placed with your firm. I have observed firsthand that each staff member pays meticulous attention to detail as required with such important transactions. I have come to believe that Canadian Coin & Currency is the most reliable and reputable dealer of precious metals, coins, collectibles, and currency in the nation.

I also believe Canadian PMX offers a range of services and flexibility that few can match. While the business has clearly continued to grow rapidly, it is an obvious deliberate priority of each of your sales associates that each client be promptly served personally and with privacy.

I continue to refer my business contacts and personal friends to your organization without hesitation.

Best Wishes for your organization’s continued success!

I’ve been a regular client of Canadian Coin and Currency for a couple years now and classify them has a must have relationship! Canadian Coin and currency removes risk and builds confidence in the process of purchasing of Silver and Gold Bullion. Their prices are updated by the minute and delivery has always arrived on time. They are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and honest and have always provided high quality personal service.

I’ve shopped here more than once and will keep coming back. Very pro with lots of great selections in gold and silver.

Highly recommend this place, great people, professional service and the best way to hedge your savings against inflation.

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